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Welcome to the ULTIMATE Space Strategy Browser Game: Rage of War - The Dragon Game

Rage of War: The Ultimate Browser Space Strategy Game

At the beginning of 2011 I have a Dream: To create the most competitive browser game, to make and play a game in which the action is very fast; without the usual build time waiting that all current browser games have. I want to impose real time response for your in-game actions and instant rewards for all the loot you make. (Pr3t3nd3r, developer)

RoW RTS Features:

  • » Instant build of the base structures;
  • » Extremely fast trading routes;
  • » Lighting fast attacks;
  • » Quick troops training, ready for battle;
  • » Incredible strategic, a dynamic game;
  • » Specialized troops: defenders/attackers/spies.
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Additional Features:

  • » Play in the Web browser of your choice;
  • » No download are necessary;
  • » Two powerful and very distinct races;
  • » Get an alliance colony base;
  • » Alliance-oriented game play;
  • » Advanced startup phase, unmatched!
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The Ultimate (Best) Free Online Strategy Browser Games of 2010

December 24, 2010 by Browser Games

Rage of War 5.0 is taking the space strategy browser games to the limit! It's fast, furious, designed only for people who can handle real action. What kind of Warrior are you? Can you handle Rage of War?

Rage of War (RoW), is the most advanced real time strategy browser based game of its time

It is only recomended for hardcore browser gamers! If you are new or a casual strategy player, we strongly recomend you to play more passive browser games, such as Draco: free online browser MMORPG games or Xeno: free online browser games. Please keep in mind that "Rage of War" is highly addictive and requires a lot of game involvement! This is not your usual browser game...

Rage of War: the Bigger Picture (the story behind the browser game)

Far away in the universe, two fully developed alien species wage a full-scale galactic war for centuries. Survival or dominance is the order of the day in the Asgardian-Draconian war. Highly efficient killers with the sole purpose of consuming all living, the Draco have assimilated millions throughout the galaxy, in order to thrive and modify their surroundings. The Draconians are destroyers of worlds, sworn enemies of the Altarian people.

After the Great Defensive - a war which lasted for too long - the honorable Asgardians traveled to vast distances into the universe. Some would agree they have reached its edge, because there is nothing but dark in all directions. Almost wiped out by their predators, the Gate Keepers did the unthinkable: using an alien artifact of unknown origins, they thought they finally got the edge they were looking for. The Chronos device was supposed to accelerate all their building processes, in order to keep up with the fast spreading Hives. However, the device malfunctioned and its range of effect increased to a handful of galaxies. With Draco now evolving chaotically, the last stronghold of the Altarian race is doomed to extinction on hyper speed.

The Altarians

» Also known as Asgardians or "Gate Keepers".
» Peaceful by nature, they travel through a system of connected Stargates.

» Highly advanced, a balanced race. Visited Earth on few occasions and gave rise to the Norse legends. The main defense system of Altarian is its energy shield, without which their outposts are surprisingly fragile.

The Draconians

» Also known as Avatars or "Harbingers of Death".
» Predatory, highly evolved. They jump their warriors through "Hellmouths".

» Fast developing species with low requirements, similar to the Zerg from Starcraft 3. Fast creation of secondary colonies, but weaker troops when compared with the Asgardians.

Evolution Vault is specialised in creating Space Games. It all started with desire to build RTS Games, and the desire was culimiated with the creation of 3D Real Time Strategy Game: Rage of War. After this we extended our area to Online Strategy Games creating Xeno Online and culminating our work with Asgard Heroes Browser Game. So if you are a fan of Strategy War Games Take a look at Rage of War - The UltimateStrategy Browser Game.

Looking for the classic 3D Space RTS Game Galactic Dream: Rage of War?

In the 24th century, a terrible apocalypse threatens humanity, as a devastating galactic-scale event is set to bring forth a permanent era of darkness. The Black Light is coming to consume entire worlds... Several colony ships were prepared to leave the solar system, in the search for a new home in uncharted space. Project Phoenix was created by the military to give Mankind a second chance; a great journey through the stars...

Learn more about the 3D space strategy games: Rage of War...

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is a 2D browser MMORPG in which you control submarines and all civilization is living under sea. Why is Deepolis different from other MMO games? This adventure game online stretches beyond the usual gaming experience other browser strategy games provide. Players begin their quests as submarine commanders and must travel into dangerous zones under the sea to battle fearless enemies. The beautiful environments this online game offers create an addictive underwater adventure that gamers will find both challenging and entertaining. While there are plenty of quests to go around, Deepolis is a browser based MMO with a strong emphasis on player interaction (PvP). BigPoint borrowed heavily from previously launched titles when designing Deepolis; however, the free online browser game does have lots of unique features, including the ability to dive underwater on the Z axis. Deepolis dared to challenge regular massive multiplayer online games and succeeded flawlessly. The game outlined clearly the direction in which nowadays browser games are heading: the 3D flash multiplayer adventure games. There are only a handful underwater browser strategy games and Deepolis is their king.

Empire Craft

Review. A 2D browser based strategy game similar to Asgard Heroes and Evony, Empire Craft is an online strategy game with a perfectly balanced system which really stands out. Tasks in this browser MMO game can be sorted out as newbie tasks, development tasks and union tasks. The development tasks reward you with keys to chest that otherwise can be bought with real money. Union tasks are carried out by alliances in the game, which allows them to show off their wealth. So, is Empire Craft another Evony? Is it a strategy online game like War of Legends, Lords Online and others before it? Definitely not.

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